Fourth Republic Day in Madagascar Date in the current year: December 11, 2024

Fourth Republic Day in Madagascar Fourth Republic Day has been celebrated in Madagascar for a relatively short period of time. This holiday marks the outcome of the 2010 national referendum and the promulgation of constitution, that officially started the Fourth Republic of Madagascar.

French colonization of Madagascar started in 1883 and the colony gained its independence only on June 26, 1960. Since this time Madagascar has transited through four republics, each of them corresponding to revisions of their constitution.

In 2009 President of Madagascar Marc Ravalomanana was ousted from power by a coup. The leader of the coup Andry Rajoelina claimed the Supreme Court to be the highest administrative body and led the country towards new presidential elections of 2010 and adoption of a new constitution.

On November 17, 2010 the Malagasy people of Madagascar were asked in a constitutional referendum, whether they approved the adoption of the new constitution. Majority of the population voted for it and a new constitution was promulgated on December 11, 2010. This event started the Fourth Republic of Madagascar and became the reason to establish a new holiday.

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