International Survivors of Suicide Day Date in the current year: November 23, 2024

International Survivors of Suicide Day International Survivors of Suicide Day is annually observed on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in the USA. This event was established by the United States Congress in 1999.

Senator Harry Reid introduced a document to the United States Senate, that eventually led to creation of National Survivors of Suicide Day. Reid wanted to create one day, when all people affected by a suicide loss of their relatives could find comfort, help, understanding and support from others. Reid understood the importance of this observance, because he was a survivor of his father's suicide.

National Survivors of Suicide Day spread to other cities of the USA and even countries around the world. When it happened, the observance was renamed to International Survivors of Suicide Day.

Every year the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention organizes special events for observance of this day. These events unite all survivors of suicide loss across the whole world. The survivors of suicide gather to remember the members of their families, share their stories, hope and offer their help for healing emotional traumas.

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