GIS Day Date in the current year: November 20, 2024

GIS Day GIS Day is celebrated in many countries around the world on the third Wednesday in November. This holiday was created in 1999 in the USA and later it spread to other countries.

Geographic information systems (GIS) play a very important role in our life. This system was designed to capture, store, analyze, manage and manipulate all kinds of geographical data. The data are used for creation of maps, applications and location-based services, enabling mobile devices to display their location in relation to fixed objects.

GIS Day was created by Jack Dangermond, president and co-founder of the Esri company, the international supplier of the GIS software and geodatabase management applications. This observance occurs during Geography Awareness Week, the initiative sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

GIS users around the world are responsible for organization of various activities and events in their cities. Sometimes events are very creative, like a YouTube presentation. At least 74 countries around the world enjoy celebration of GIS Day.

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