No Music Day Date in the current year: November 21, 2024

No Music Day No Music Day is celebrated by all enthusiasts around the world on November 21. This holiday was introduced in 2005 by Bill Drummond, who wanted to draw attention to the cheapening music and its mindless use in contemporary society.

Since the ancient times music was highly valued, the masterpieces of great musicians of classical music are still popular. But contemporary society develops the wrong way of perception of music, making it ubiquitous. And bands of alternative music sometimes make something that is hard to be called music at all. Back in 2005 Bill Drummond decided to spend a day without music and reflect on what kind of music he would like to hear or not.

The date November 21 was chosen as it's the eve of the feast of Saint Cecilia, the patroness saint of music. The holiday was launched on November 21, 2005, various activities were promoted till 2009. As Drummond said, it was his five-year plan. Since 2010 Drummond isn't responsible for organization of No Music Day, individuals may observe and organize it in their own way.

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