Tazaungdaing Festival in Myanmar Date in the current year: November 15, 2024

Tazaungdaing Festival in Myanmar Tazaungdaing Festival is one of the public holidays in Myanmar. This event is also known as Festival of Lights and it's celebrated on the full moon of Tazaungmon, the eighth month of the traditional Burmese calendar.

Tazaungdaing Festival is a traditional festival in Myanmar, that appeared even before the spread of Buddhism. The festival was held in honor of the God of Lights and marked the day, when god Vishnu awakes from his long sleep.

After the spread of Buddhism the monks attached their own religious beliefs to the festival and dedicated it to Buddha's mother Maya. She felt, that her son would soon discard his royal robes and started weaving the robes of monkhood. She spent an entire night weaving a yellow robe for him.

Her achievement is annually commemorated by the weaving contest, that is held throughout the country, the most notable event is held in Yangon's Shwedagon Pagoda. The participants of competition spend two nights weaving the garments.

Tazaungdaing Festival is also called Festival of Lights due to another tradition. People send up fire balloons and multicolored lanterns to commemorate the day, when Buddha returned from the visit of his mother's reincarnated spirit. The lights in the sky should illuminate the path back to earth.

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