Republic Day in Hungary Date in the current year: October 23, 2024

Republic Day in Hungary Republic Day is the national day of Hungary. It is celebrated on October 23. The holiday commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the official proclamation of the Third Republic in 1989.

The Hungarian Uprising of 1956 was a spontaneous revolt against the communist government of the Hungarian People's Republic. On October 23, 1956, about 20,000 protesters gathered next to the statue of the national hero Józef Bem. They demanded the independence of Hungary from all foreign powers and the reformation of the political system. The demonstration was peaceful.

In several hours, the State Protection Authority begin to fire at the protesters. Thus the revolution began. It quickly spread across the country, but was crushed by November 10 with the help of the Soviet troops. A new pro-Soviet government was established.

In 1989, a revolutionary wave in Central and Eastern Europe led to the fall of Communism. Hungary moved to democracy peacefully and gradually. In October 1989, the Parliament established the multiparty political system. The Hungarian People's Republic was officially succeeded by the Republic of Hungary on October 23, 1989. The date was chosen due to its symbolism.

Republic Day in Hungary commemorates two important events in Hungarian history. This public holidays is widely celebrated throughout the country with festive events and activities.

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