Buddhist Lent Ends (Thadingyut Full Moon or Boun Ok Phansa) Date in the current year: October 18, 2024

Buddhist Lent Ends (Thadingyut Full Moon or Boun Ok Phansa) The end of lent is one of the public holidays in Laos and Myanmar. This is a Buddhist holiday, and it has different names in these countries. For instance, it's Thadingyut Full Moon in Myanmar and Boun Ok Phansa in Laos.

Buddhist lent is one of the most important practices during the lunar year in Laos and Myanmar. Buddhist don't have a lent, as Christianity sees it, but they practice vassa, that is a three-month annual spiritual retreat, during which the Buddhist meditate and pray.

The vassa tradition was created by Buddha to commemorate the death of his mother. His mother died seven days after Buddha's birth and she was reborn in the Trayastrimsa Heaven. In order to pay gratitude to his mother, Buddha preached for three months, that now are known as lent months in Myanmar and Laos. The last day of lent is known as Festival of Lights, that is the second important tradition in these countries.

During the festival people enjoy free movie and stage shows. Many food-stalls sell traditional food and useful goods. Buddhist go to pagodas and monasteries and young people pay respect to their parents, elderly relatives and teachers.

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