World Anaesthesia Day Date in the current year: October 16, 2024

World Anaesthesia Day People around the world celebrate World Anaesthesia Day on October 16 every year. Although many would think that this is a holiday for medical professionals only, it is actually relevant to everyone, because every patient benefits from painless surgical treatment.

World Anaesthesia Day is observed on the anniversary of the first use of ether anaesthesia by American dentist William T. G. Morton in 1846. He demonstrated how inhaling of ether may be used for painless dental treatment of his patients.

Discovery of anaesthetic effect of ether allowed the further development of painless surgical treatment. Nowadays anaesthetists use different types of anaesthesia – general, sedation and regional. General anaesthesia suppresses activity in the central nervous system, resulting in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation. Regional anaesthesia renders a larger area of body insensate. And sedation reduces irritability, which is generally used to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.

World Anaesthesia Day is mostly celebrated by the anaesthetists. They organize and attend conferences, seminars and other similar events.

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