White Sunday Date in the current year: October 13, 2024

White Sunday White Sunday is a holiday celebrated in Samoa, Tokelau, and American Samoa on the second Sunday in October. The Monday after White Sunday is an official public holiday in Tokelau and Samoa.

The origin of White Sunday is unclear. One of the theories claims that it is a Christian adaptation of indigenous festivals. According to another version, the holiday was established to commemorate Samoans who had not survived the influenza epidemic of 1919.

White Sunday can be regarded as the equivalent of Children's Day. This day was set aside for communities and parents to acknowledge and celebrate childhood. White Sunday is marked with special church services and cultural events (such as dance performances). On the occasion of the holiday, children receive gifts and are allowed some privileges typically reserved for adults.

The holiday is known as White Sunday because on this day most women and children wear completely white clothing. In Samoa, they sometimes trim the clothes with red and blue (red, white, and blue are the colors of the flag of Samoa). Many men put on white shirts.

For many children, White Sunday is a perfect occasion to spend more time with their siblings and cousins. They go to church and recite something together.

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