World Food Day Date in the current year: October 16, 2024

World Food Day World Food Day is observed in over 150 counties around the world every year on October 16. This observance was created in November 1979 and the first events were organized in 1980.

The Hungarian Delegation headed by the former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food initiated the idea of establishment of World Food Day, as an observance highlighting the importance of investments in agriculture. He expressed this idea at the 20th General Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization and it was supported by the member countries. October 16 was designated to be World Food Day, since it's the anniversary of foundation of the organization in 1945.

Celebration of World Food Day annually adopts a different theme in order to draw public attention to the areas that need for action and the issues behind hunger and poverty. Most of the annual themes revolve around agriculture and investments in private sector. Many developing countries depend on agriculture and investments in private sector are frequently forgotten about.

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