World Day Against Death Penalty Date in the current year: October 10, 2024

World Day Against Death Penalty The World Coalition against the Death Penalty created World Day Against Death Penalty in 2003, since then it's annually observed on October 10.

Death penalty is an acute problem in a modern society. Although developed countries banned this kind of penalty, it's still in use in many other countries around the world. Death penalty abuses the right for life, that every person possesses.

Death penalty leads to dehumanization of the society and doesn't help reduce number of crimes committed, in fact it event enlarges it. Every judicial system can make a mistake, leading to death of innocent people.

Every year various events and activities are organized in a number of countries around the world. The World Coalition chooses an annual theme. The themes of previous years helped raise public awareness of death penalty in the countries of Asia, Caribbean and the USA, execution of death sentences among people with mental health problems etc. These events involve authorities of countries that haven't abolished death penalty as well as those who already have.

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