Independence Day in Croatia Date in the current year: October 8, 2024

Independence Day in Croatia Croatian Independence Day is celebrated on October 8. This national public holiday commemorates the independence of Croatia from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Croatia became part of Yugoslavia in 1918, when the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was formed. After the Second World War, Yugoslavia became a socialist republic. The Socialist Republic of Croatia was its constituent part. The late 1980s were marked by the fall of communism in Europe and the subsequent rise of national independence movements in Yugoslavia.

In 1990, the Socialist Republic of Croatia was transformed into the Republic of Croatia. The next year, an independence referendum was held. Over 93% of voters supported the independence of Croatia. Croatian independence was declared on June 25, 1991. However, the Croatian parliament finally ended relations with Yugoslavia only on October 8. That is when Croatia became fully independent.

Independence Day of Croatia was officially inaugurated as a public holiday in 2001, the first celebration took place in 2002. It should not be confused with Statehood Day. Statehood Day celebrates the proclamation of Croatian independence, while Independence Day commemorates the day Croatia severed all remaining ties with Yugoslavia.

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