Armed Forces Day in Montenegro Date in the current year: October 7, 2024

Armed Forces Day in Montenegro Armed Forces Day is annually observed in Montenegro on October 7. This is a holiday for all professional soldiers, who serve in the Montenegrin Armed Forces.

Montenegro claimed its independence in 2006 and this event marked the beginning of the reorganization of the Armed Forces. Conscription was abolished and the military transferred to the contract basis. The army of Montenegro consists only of volunteers, who are professionally trained.

The number of serving soldiers and officers was cut. Nowadays the armed forces of Montenegro include only 1,950 active personnel. The personnel is divided among the military branches – army, navy and air force. A number of other military reforms are to be enacted, that will prepare Montenegro for the full NATO membership (nowadays Montenegro is only a member of Partnership for Peace program).

Montenegrin Armed Forces contribute to global peacekeeping operations and cooperate with NATO troops in the International Security Assistance Force.

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