National Children Day in Bangladesh Date in the current year: March 17, 2024

National Children Day in Bangladesh The government of Bangladesh pays much attention to the well-being of children and it annually organizes special cultural events to celebrate National Children Day. It annually falls on March 17.

People of Bangladesh celebrate two holidays on March 17 – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Birthday and National Children Day. Due to the coincidence of Children's Day with another public holiday, all kids enjoy an additional day off and have fun during the cultural events, organized for them by the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

Every year Prime Minister of Bangladesh addresses children and their parents in a solemn speech, emphasizing the importance of children for the future of the nation. Currently the government of Bangladesh pays much attention to children's life and improves its level.

Apart from national programs, children enjoy special events that are organized for them only. These events may include food fairs, sports competitions, cultural shows and special essay/poem/painting competitions.

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