Children's Day in Singapore Date in the current year: October 4, 2024

Children's Day in Singapore Many countries have holidays dedicated to children, and Singapore is no exception. Children's Day in Singapore is celebrated on the first Friday in October, although before 2011 it used to be marked on October 1.

On Children's Day, Singaporean preschoolers and primary school students are not required to attend class. Instead, they have an opportunity to spend time with their family and have fun. So children play games and enjoy other bonding activities with their parents and siblings. Secondary school students have to go to school on this day, but teachers often organize special events and activities on the occasion of the holiday, so that older kinds also can celebrate.

Children's Day in Singapore not only celebrates childhood, it also aims to raise awareness of the issues children have to face. Various organizations held special events dedicated to the issues of children's well-being, providing children with decent education and health care, as well as protecting children from abuse. Children's Day is a perfect opportunity to focus on the enforcement of children's rights.

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