Francisco Morazán Day (Soldier's Day) in Honduras Date in the current year: October 3, 2024

Francisco Morazán Day (Soldier's Day) in Honduras Francisco Morazán Day is a public holiday in Honduras, it's annually observed on October 3, that is birth anniversary of the second President of Central American Federation Francisco Morazán. Since he dominated military and political scene in Honduras, this holiday is also known as Soldier's Day.

Francisco Morazán was born on October 3, 1792 in Tegucigalpa, the capital of present-day Honduras. After obtaining a diploma in civil law he enrolled to the army. He participated in declaration of independence of Honduras from the Mexican Empire in 1821and in adoption of the Constitution of Honduras in 1825.

Francisco Morazán became President of Honduras in 1827 and later President of Central American Federation. He served in the office till 1840.

Morazán became an iconic person in Central America. His birthday anniversary is a public holiday in Honduras, all governmental offices and private businesses are closed on this day. This is one of the most important holidays in Honduras, along with Independence Day.

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