Independence Day in Tuvalu Date in the current year: October 1, 2019

Independence Day in Tuvalu Citizens of Tuvalu annually celebrate their Independence Day on October 1. This holiday celebrates anniversary of declaration of independence from Great Britain on October 1, 1978.

Tuvalu, that is formerly known as Ellice Islands, was governed by Britain since 1892. In 1916 Tuvalu became a part of the Gilbert (present-day Kiribati) and Ellice Islands colony.

The United Nations Organization was founded after the end of World War II and it started the policy of decolonization. All British colonies started the process of self-determination. A national referendum was held in 1974 to decide, whether the Gilbert and Ellice Islands should stay a British colony or gain independence. As a consequence, separation of the colony was divided into two stages. In 1975 Tuvalu was recognized as a separate British dependency with its own government and in 1976 separate administrative units were created out of the civil service of the former colony. The first Prime Minister was elected in 1978 and he assumed power on October 1, 1978, when Tuvalu officially gained independence from Great Britain.

Celebration of Independence Day starts with a ceremony of raising national flag in the capital of Tuvalu. The ceremony is followed by a parade. Citizens also enjoy a special sports festival, that is organized on this day.

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