International Right to Know Day Date in the current year: September 28, 2024

International Right to Know Day International Right to Know Day is annually observed on September 28. This observance raises public awareness of the right to access of governmental information.

Freedom to information is one of the most important political and personal rights, that is included in the Universal Declaration of Human Right. The right to receive governmental formation is one of the signs of the open government and this right is constitutionally provided in many countries.

The idea of observation of International Right to Know Day was proposed at a meeting of freedom of information organizations in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 28, 2002. Since then freedom of information organizations from around the world annually mark the date with activities, that raise public awareness of the right to information.

Various activities are organized on this day by the activists. These can be conferences, trainings, competitions, award ceremonies, music concerts, performances, launch of informational campaigns and specialized websites etc.

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