Children's Day in Iran Date in the current year: October 8, 2024

Children's Day in Iran Children's Day is celebrated in Iran annually on October 8. This holiday is celebrated under the aegis of UNICEF.

Every year the government of Iran opens a festive ceremony of Children's Day. Children are the most important for the nation of Iran, that's why the authorities pay much attention to celebration of this holiday. And since it's organized under the aegis of UNICEF, the event is opened by President and Prime Minister of Iran.

The top officials deliver solemn and important speeches on children and children's rights. The government of Iran also coordinates various cultural events, that are organized across the country. The schools never stay away from the celebration, even if Children's Day falls on weekend. Special parties are organized at school to celebrate childhood. Apart from the festive events, schools are responsible for educative program and children learn more about their rights on family, education, peace and security, sustainable health care and preservation of cultural heritage.

UNICEF actively participates in celebration of Children's Day and it distributes special booklets on child rights among children.

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