Feast of Saint George (al-Khader) in Palestine Date in the current year: May 6, 2018

Feast of Saint George (al-Khader) in Palestine Saint George is the patron saint of England, but also Palestinians regard him as a hero. They annually celebrate the Feast of Saint George on May 6.

The Feast of St George is known in Palestine as al-Khader and it's celebrated by both Christians and Muslims. Every religious group has its own special traditions. The celebration begins on the eve of the feast, on May 5.

On May 6 Christian pilgrims from all Palestine come to the Monastery of Saint George, situated in the town of al-Khader. They sacrifice an animal, trade loaves of bread and give meat as a gift to the priests. The priests accept this gift, however, the tradition of an animal sacrifice isn't adopted by the monastery itself. Christian pilgrims also come to the monastery to baptize their children, believing that they would grow strong and healthy.

Muslims, as well as Christians, also sacrifice an animal, but there are certain differences. According to Islamic traditions, two sacrifices to made: the first animal is immolated lamb and the second is a live animal. One third of the lamb is set aside for consumption by its owner, and the rest is given as a charity. The second animal is bequeathed as a gift to St George.

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