Carnival Tuesday in Antigua and Barbuda Date in the current year: August 6, 2019

Carnival Tuesday in Antigua and Barbuda Carnival Tuesday is one of the public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda. This is the second day of the traditional Carnival and, as well as August Monday, it's one of the most important holidays on the islands.

Celebration of the Carnival is dedicated to anniversary of abolition of slavery in 1833, that is known as Emancipation Day. All former British colonies celebrate this day, but in some places this holiday was moved to mark the beginning of an annual carnival. In 1957 the Carnival replaced the Old Time Christmas Festival in Antigua and Barbuda in order to inspire tourism on the islands. However, the Carnival possesses numerous elements of the Christmas Festival.

The second day of the Carnival is known as Last Lamp Jump Up in Antigua and Barbuda. Mostly the events of Carnival Monday are dubbed on Tuesday, when the troupes, bands and floats return to the starting point of procession to repeat the parade on the next afternoon. Apart the traditional parade, another events are organized, among them are Teenage Pageant, the Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show and Calypso competition.

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