World Lymphoma Awareness Day Date in the current year: September 15, 2024

World Lymphoma Awareness Day World Lymphoma Awareness Day is observed on September 15 since 2004. This day was was established by the Lymphoma Coalition, that is a non-profit network organization of 49 lymphoma patient groups around the world.

Lymphoma becomes one of the most common forms of cancer. Although it's so widespread, few people know about what the lymph nodes are and even fewer know about the disease. Observation of World Lymphoma Awareness Day should raise public awareness of this form of cancer and allow people recognize the first signs and symptoms of lymphoma.

Lymph nodes increasing in size is one of the first symptoms of lymphoma and many people don't pay attention to this fact. Thereby Know Your Nodes campaign was launched in 2007. This campaign engages people around the world to know their lymph nodes and lymphatic system and the first symptoms of lymphoma, that is the most important aspect.

Another program, Beacons of Hope, was launched in 2006. This program inspires people who have been affected by lymphoma.

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