Children's Day in Honduras Date in the current year: September 10, 2024

Children's Day in Honduras Adults of Honduras congratulate children with their holiday Children's Day (or Día de los Niños, as it's called there) on September 10 every year. This holiday is very popular and children have and get everything without excuse, just because it's their day.

Children celebrate their holiday at school and at home, they gather with their friends and are allowed to have parties. Various events and activities are organized by local authorities and private businesses. Adults give children numerous presents. The most famous and customary activity is piñata, that is a decorated container of paper-mâché filled in with small toys and candy or both. Children break piñata to get their presents.

Children's Day often falls on a working day, that is why children have to go to school, but they don't have any classes, instead of that they celebrate the holiday with music and dances. This is one of the happiest holidays in Honduras, because it provides pleasure to see happy children.

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