Teachers’ Day in Sri Lanka Date in the current year: October 6, 2024

Teachers’ Day in Sri Lanka Many nations across the world celebrate Teachers' Day. The date is chosen to coincide with World Teachers' Day, that is the UN observance falling on October 5, or the government of the country chooses another date, that is significant for the nation. For instance, Teacher's Day in Sri Lanka is observed on October 6.

There is no certain explanation, why Teachers' Day in Sri Lanka falls exactly on this day. However, celebration are held across the schools. Government organizes an honorary ceremony to appreciate principals and teachers on October 6, but this ceremony is connected with celebration of World Teacher's Day.

Every school and college organizes a grand celebration of Teachers' Day. Students prepare special events for their teachers to appreciate their work. Students organize performances or special parties for their teacher, the classes are usually canceled on this day. If Teachers' Day falls on weekend, every school makes a decision on appropriate date for celebration of this day.

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