World Physical Therapy Day Date in the current year: September 8, 2024

World Physical Therapy Day World Physical Therapy Day (or World Physiotherapy Day) is observed every year on September 8. This day provides physiotherapists an opportunity to raise people's awareness about the crucial contribution, that they make to keep people healthy, independent and well.

World Physical Therapy Day is concerned to be a professional day of all physiotherapists. Annually physiotherapists from around the world organize different events and campaigns to promote this profession among young people and recognize its importance for everyone.

Mostly work of physiotherapists are associated with sports injuries, however, their help is needed for rehabilitation after surgeries and accidents and management of different conditions, like chronic pain, neurological and respiratory disorders. Physiotherapists also provide crucial preventive treatment for heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and stroke.

Celebration of World Physiotherapy Day is a chance to say “Thank you” to your physiotherapist and appreciate this hard and essential work.

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