Children's Day in Maldives Date in the current year: May 10, 2018

Children's Day in Maldives Children's Day is celebrated in Maldives every year on May 10. This holiday is awaited by children as well as by their parents and teachers.

Celebration of Children's Day in Maldives is one of the ways to make adults aware about their responsibility towards children and their happy early years. The festive events scatter across the country, making every school and kindergarten participate.

Every school organizes different activities for children. The classes are decorated to create a party atmosphere. Teachers make up special activities for children, for instance, class party, games, competitions.

Tourists known and love Maldives for its luxurious resorts, and annually some of them open their doors for children and accompanying them teachers. Children may enjoy the resort all day long, look behind its scenes and learn, how it runs. Some resorts chose to organize special activities to celebrate Children's Day on the date close to May 10. These educative activities encourage children to work in the hospitality industry, when they grow up.

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