Civil Servant's Day in Nepal Date in the current year: September 7, 2024

Civil Servant's Day in Nepal Every year the civil servants in Nepal have their own day off, that falls on working day. This governmental day off is called Civil Servant's Day, or Nijamati Sewa Diwas. The date of the holiday is appointed annually.

Civil Servant's Day was observed for the first time in Nepal in 1956, when a law on civil service was adopted. This law divided the civil servants into two groups, which are subsequently are divided into the ranks.

There are more than 80,000 governmental employees. About 15,000 of them are employed in the health sector. Every year the government of Nepal chooses the theme to celebrate Civil Servant's Day and various activities are organized. For instance, the most outstanding civil servants receive honors and prizes. Everyone is encouraged to take part in sports competitions etc.

Every year the government of Nepal chooses the ministries, that will have Civil Servant's Day as a day off. For instance, the governmental employees and workers of educational institutions will have an additional day off in 2015.

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