Journalist Day in Taiwan Date in the current year: September 1, 2024

Journalist Day in Taiwan Journalist Day is annually observed in Taiwan on September 1. This isn't one of the public holidays in China, that is why it is not widely celebrated in the Republic of China. However, the holiday is widespread among local journalists.

Journalist Day was established in Taiwan to commemorate the promulgation of the Protection of Journalists and Public Opinion Organizations law in 1933. The holiday is observed mainly by journalists and authorities. Important state figures deliver speeches.

Many journalists organize protest marches against media monopoly and what it gives to the people of Taiwan. Many Taiwanese governmental officials want to return the old days, that's why they impose limits on access to information. Strict laws in media control make many journalists go to underground and do their work there. Although Journalist Day is a working holiday in Taiwan, this is a good day to gather together and state to the authorities about freedom of speech and people's rights to information.

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