Border Guard Day in Azerbaijan Date in the current year: August 18, 2024

Border Guard Day in Azerbaijan Azerbaijani professional holiday Border Guard Day is celebrated every year on August 18. This is a professional holiday of all servicemen of the Border Troops of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The date of celebration, August 18, was chosen to honor the anniversary of the adoption of the decree On Protection of the State Border of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1919. There is another document that was adopted on the same day. It was the law On Creation of the Border Guard Service in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Territorial integrity is one of the attributes of independence of each and every country. It's very important to protect the state border, that is why the development, facilities and personnel of the Border Troops are paid much attention to. Azerbaijan is not an exception from the rule, that is why state border guards are properly equipped.

Border Guard Day was established in Azerbaijan by a presidential decree in 2000. The celebration of this professional holiday features various thematic events, aimed to demonstrate the importance of the Border Troops.

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