Children's Day in Spain Date in the current year: April 15, 2024

Children's Day in Spain Children are the most valuable what people have, and the Spanish nation understands it. Annually Children's Day is celebrated in Spain twice – on April 15 and November 20.

Many countries, including Spain, join the universal celebration of Children's Day on November 20. This holiday was established by the UN General Assembly to celebrate childhood and remind adults about the rights that children have. But Spain also has its national Children's Day, that annually falls on April 15. However, this holiday isn't celebrated nationwide: the festive events are organized everywhere, except Madrid. Here the festive events are organized for children on the second Sunday in May.

Children's Day in Spain is full of joyful events, organized by local municipalities for children and their parents. Participation in these events helps strengthen family bonds and remind grown-ups how it's to be a child. Many families choose to celebrate this day by going out to a restaurant or a cafe. Economically feasible places are very popular on this day. Some families let children choose, where they'd like to go.

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