Children's Day in Paraguay Date in the current year: August 16, 2024

Children's Day in Paraguay Children's Day is celebrated in many countries, but its date varies from country to country. In Paraguay, the holiday is observed on August 16 to honor the memory of the children who died in the Battle of Acosta Ñu during the Paraguayan War.

The Paraguayan War was fought between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay from 1864 to 1870. The Battle of Acosta Ñu, also known as the Battle of Children, took place on August 16, 1869. By that time, most adult Paraguayan men had been killed, captured or severely wounded, so elderly people, women and children had to fight.

In the Battle of Acosta Ñu, Paraguayan forces consisting of 500 adult men and about 3,500 children fought 20,000 Brazilian and Argentinian soldiers. Some boys had to wear fake beards to disguise their young age. The battle resulted in the decisive Allied victory. About 2,000 Paraguayan children were killed in action, and 1,200 were taken prisoner and then executed.

Paraguayan Children's Day was establish to honor the memory of the children who lost their lives in the Battle of Acosta Ñu. Despite the tragic background of the holiday, it is marked not only with mourning ceremonies, but also with entertaining activities for children.

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