Independence Day in India Date in the current year: August 15, 2024

Independence Day in India Independence Day is one of the three national days in India, the other two being Republic Day (January 26) and Gandhi Jayanti (October 2). It is celebrated on August 15. The holiday commemorates the independence of India from the British Empire in 1947.

By the mid-19th century, most of the Indian subcontinent was controlled by the British East India Company. In 1858, the region was officially named the British Raj. The colony comprised the territory of the present-day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In the early 20th century, Indian nationalist movements began to emerge. The resistance grew stronger and more consistent over time. After the Second World War, the United Kingdom realized that it did not have enough resources for continuing to control India.

In August 1947, the Parliament of the UK divided the British Raj into two independent dominions, India and Pakistan. The Indian Independence Act 1947 came into force on August 15, and India became a sovereign state.

Independence Day celebrations begin on the eve of the holiday, when the President delivers an address to the nation. On August 15, the prime minister hoists the national flag and delivers a speech. The flag-hoisting ceremony involves a 21-gun salute and singing the national anthem. Independence Day festivities include military parades, pageants and cultural events.Remind me with Google Calendar


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