Women's Day in Tunisia Date in the current year: August 13, 2019

Women's Day in Tunisia Women's Day is a public holiday in Tunisia. It's annually celebrated on August 13, that is the anniversary of promulgation of the Code of Personal Status in Tunisia in 1956.

The Code of Personal Status (CPS) is a series of laws, that regulate relations and institution of equality between men and women in number of areas. The Code is one of the best known deeds of Habib Bourgiba, Prime Minister and later President of Tunisia. It was promulgated on August 13, 1956 and it came to force on January 1, 1957.

This Code gave women powers and established their place in Tunisian society. It abolished polygamy, created a judicial procedure for divorce, and marriage could be performed only with the mutual agreement of both parties. Several amendments were made in 1993 and women received rights to represent their children in judicial procedures, and right to transfer their nationality and patrimony to children to the same extent as husbands.

The Code changed life of the Tunisian women in the society. There is no wonder why anniversary of promulgation of the Code is observed on national level.

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