Carnival Monday in Grenada Date in the current year: August 12, 2024

Carnival Monday in Grenada The second Monday in August is Carnival Monday in Grenada. This public holiday is a part of widely known Spicemas, Granada's Carnival, that includes various concerts and other activities.

Carnival Monday, as well as the next day after it, is a public holiday. Offices and businesses are closed for celebration of Spicemas. Although the Carnival lasts for a week, only two first days are public holidays for everyone.

Various events last for several days, but only two first days are the most interesting and spectacular. Many events are organized on Carnival Monday, that attract visitors and locals. Among them is J'ouvert, a large street party, that involves dance and singing contests. J'ouvert starts before the dawn and peaks after sunrise.

One more popular event of Spicemas is Bomb tune competition. This is a music competition among steel-bands. It is followed by Pageant. The peak of Carnival Monday is Monday Night Mas. This is a bright parade of bands, that go through the streets.

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