Heroes' Day in Zimbabwe Date in the current year: August 12, 2024

Heroes' Day in Zimbabwe The second Monday in August is Heroes' Day in Zimbabwe. This day commemorates sons and daughters of Zimbabwe, who died, protecting their country in the liberation war against British rule.

Observation of Heroes' Day used to be a solemn celebration, however, nowadays this day is more official and restrained, than earlier. The main event is held in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, where fallen heroes of the struggle for independence are buried. People lay wreaths to the graves of their relatives. President of Zimbabwe visits the ceremony of wreath laying and talks to each family of the dead heroes. Similar ceremonies are held in other cities of Zimbabwe, but they are attended by local authorities.

Young people organize a traditional march from the center of the city to the cemetery, singing revolutionary songs, as they march. Various bands, children's and veteran's choirs organize free concerts on the streets of the cities. Dance groups perform traditional dances injukwa and itshomani.

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