Parents' Day in DR Congo Date in the current year: August 1, 2024

Parents' Day in DR Congo Parents' Day, that annually falls on August 1, is one of the public holidays in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Unlike other counties, DR Congo doesn't celebrate Father's Day and Mother's Day as separate holidays, but has one holiday, that is dedicated to both parents.

Family bounds are very strong in Congo. Every parent plays his or her own role in family life. Traditionally, father provides the family with the food, and mother is responsible for upbringing of children and house chores. On average, a woman in DR Congo gives birth to five children, while in the rural area a family may have even more children. Women are not educated and their rights are often violated.

Parents' Day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is not just a holiday, when children present their parents with handmade cards. This is also the reason to reflect on traditional gender roles and give women right to obtain education and earn money, while fathers should participate more in upbringing of their children.

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