Feast Day of Ignatius of Loyola Date in the current year: July 31, 2024

Feast Day of Ignatius of Loyola July 31 is Feast Day of Ignatius of Loyola. This saint is primarily known as the founder of the Society of Jesus.

Loyola was born in 1491 in Spain, he was the thirteenth child in the family, that had ancient roots. During the early years Ignatius was not very much interested in religion. At the age of 30 he received many injuries, when a cannonball hit him. He had several surgical operations, that were very painful, as there were no anesthetics. During the time of treatment and after it Ignatius sought for peace of mind and comfort in religion.

Religious books changed Loyola's point of view and he left for monastery. In 1541 he founded the Society of Jesus, that was approved by the Pope. He administered the society till his death on July 31, 1556.

Ignatius of Loyola was beatified in 1906 by Pope Paul V and canonized in 1622. He is a patron saint of many cities in Spain, for instance San Sebastián, Bilbao, Biscay and Gipuzkoa. He is also the patron saint of soldiers and educators.

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