Children’s Day in Vanuatu Date in the current year: July 24, 2024

Children’s Day in Vanuatu Children's Day is a public holiday in Vanuatu. This holiday was established under initiative of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and it's annually celebrated on July 24.

The main mottoes of this holiday are “Stop violence against children” and “Give a child the chance to express their opinion today”. Originally this holiday was celebrated only in the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila, but later it spread to all its six provinces. Schools, churches, province administrations and other local organizations participate in preparations for celebration of Children's Day.

A festive march is organized in the morning and it's followed by other events and activities, official speeches, concerts, sports competitions etc. Children go home in the afternoon to spend time with their parents. Many parents spend the first half of the day with their children and attend the official part of the events.

Some parents give presents to their children, but this isn't the point of the holiday. The holiday is aimed to let parents and children spend time together.

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