The First Sermon of Lord Buddha in Bhutan Date in the current year: July 10, 2024

The First Sermon of Lord Buddha in Bhutan The First Sermon of Lord Buddha is a public holiday in Bhutan. This holiday falls on the fourth day of the sixth month of the Lunar calendar. Thousands of Buddhists visit sacred places to pray to Buddha and be blessed by him.

Buddha was born as Siddhārtha Gautam. The first 29 years of his life he spent in a palace as a prince. At the age of 29 he left the palace to meet his subjects. He saw outside the palace an old man, a diseased man, an ascetic and a decaying corpse. These depressed him and he decided to become an ascetic. At the age of 35 he obtained enlightenment (Bodhi), he understood nature as a whole and the reasons why people suffer and the way to eliminate them. These discoveries became known as the Four Noble Truths.

After enlightenment he became known as Buddha, that means “awakened one”. During the next couple of years he decided to start teaching people dharma. He read his first sermon in Sarnatha. Anniversary of this event is now known in Bhutan as The First Sermon of Lord Buddha.

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