Revolution Day in Sudan Date in the current year: June 30, 2024

Revolution Day in Sudan Revolution Day in Sudan is a national holiday, that commemorates the bloodless coup of 1989. The holiday is annually observed on its anniversary, June 30.

President of Sudan Gaafar Nimeiry proclaimed Sudan to be an Islamic republic and imposed Sharia law throughout the country in 1983. This movement towards Islamism prompted a start of the civil war, that outbroke in 1983 and lasted till 2005. Nimeiry was ousted from power in 1985 and went to exile in Egypt.

Niemiry's regime was opposed by Sudan People's Liberation Army, that was founded as a guerrilla movement in 1983 and was the key participant in the Sudanese Civil War. The civil war caused a famine and death of thousands. In February 1989 a group of Sudanese Army officers presented an ultimatum to the Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi requesting the end of the war.

On June 30, 1989 military officers under Colonel Omar al-Bashir led bloodless military coup, replacing Sadiq al-Mahdi government and installing a military junta. Omar al-Bashir carried out executions and purges in upper ranks of the army, political parties, associations, independent newspapers to save the country from the “rotten political parties”. He became President of Sudan in 1993.

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