Mother's Day in Norway Date in the current year: February 11, 2024

Mother's Day in Norway Mother's Day in Norway is celebrated on the second Sunday in February. It has been observed since 1919.

Norwegian Mother's Day was first celebrated in Bergen on February 9, 1919. The celebration was initially held by religious organizations. But it was Dorothea Schljodager, teacher, social worker and proponent for women's rights, and Karen Platou, businesswoman and politician, who established it as an annual holiday. Their idea of Mother's Day was supported by non-government organizations, entrepreneurs, and mass media.

Mother's Day is a family holiday. Mothers usually get breakfast and coffee in bed and are given flowers and gifts such as chocolates or cake. There are no other specific traditions associated with the day. However, sometimes it coincides with Fastelavn, Carnival day. When it happens, special buns are eaten known as Fastelavenboller.

Over the time, Mother's Day became commercialized due to the promotion of holiday goods such as cakes, flowers and gifts. In kindergartens and schools, children sometimes make gifts and cards for their mothers, but this tradition is losing its significance as there are different types of families in Norway, and kids who don't have a mother should not feel left out.

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