Father's Day in El Salvador and Guatemala Date in the current year: June 17, 2024

Father's Day in El Salvador and Guatemala El Salvador and Guatemala annually celebrate Father's Day on June 17. Although this holiday has American roots, it's observed almost in every country.

The idea of celebration of Father's Day belongs to Sonora Smart Dodd. Her father William Jackson Smart was a Civil War veteran and he raised six children on his own. When Sonora heard about celebration of Mother's Day, she decided to organize celebration of Father's Day on her father's birthday, that fell on June 5. However, all preparations were not made in time, that is why celebration of the first Father's Day was moved to the third Sunday in June and this tradition is kept in many countries.

Countries around the world chose Saturday or Sunday in spring or summer for celebration of Father's Day. But El Salvador and Guatemala have a fixed date. This can be explained by the fact, that these countries never celebrate holidays on weekends, unless the date falls on weekend. That is why all holidays have fixed dates, including Mother's Day, that is celebrated on May 10.

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