Father's Day in Tonga Date in the current year: May 19, 2024

Father's Day in Tonga Citizens of the Kingdom of Tonga celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in May each year. It comes a week after Mother's Day.

In Tonga, the month of May is dedicated to family. The first Sunday in May is referred to as Children's Sunday, the second Sunday is Mother's Day (just like in the United States and many other countries), and on the third Sunday, fathers are honored.

Historically, Tongan society is strongly stratified. A person's place in the society depends on status and rank. Status is obtained from the father. Land ownership is inherited through the father, too. Rank is obtained from the mother. Status determines one's worldly power, while rank determines their place in the social order.

As you see, in Tonga both parents are greatly respected and surely deserve the holidays dedicated to them. Father's Day in Tonga celebrates fatherhood and the contribution of fathers to their families, local communities and country's development. It is marked with special church services, celebratory dinners and family-oriented activities. Children typically give their fathers small gifts to show their love and respect.

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