Anti-Fascist Struggle Day in Croatia Date in the current year: June 22, 2024

Anti-Fascist Struggle Day in Croatia Anti-Fascist Struggle Day, also known as Anti-Fascist Resistance Day, is a Croatian public holiday celebrated on June 22. It commemorates the creation of the Sisak People's Liberation Partisan Detachment in 1941.

When the Second World Began, Croatia was part of Yugoslavia. The Axis occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941 allowed to proclaim the Independent State of Croatia, which was a puppet state of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Shortly after that, the anti-fascist Partisan movement began to develop in Axis-occupied Yugoslavia.

The first Yugoslavian resistance unit was formed on June 22, 1941 in the Brezovica forest near the town of Sisak (now Croatia). Among its founding members was Janko Bobetko, who in 1991 would become one of the most prominent generals in the Croatian War of Independence.

The Sisak People's Liberation Partisan Detachment, also known as the 1st Sisak Partisan Detachment, consisted of 79 members, mainly Croats. As the Partisan movement began to spread, Croats gained support from other Yugoslav nations.

Today, June 22 is celebrated in Croatia as Anti-Fascist Struggle Day. It is a non-working public holiday marked with celebratory events throughout the country.

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