Father's Day in Arab Countries and Uganda Date in the current year: June 21, 2024

Father's Day in Arab Countries and Uganda Some Arab countries, like Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, United Arab Emirates, annually celebrate Father's Day on June 21, that is a day of summer solstice.

Celebration of Father's Day has no big events, like celebration of Mother's Day. Mother's Day was introduced in Arab countries by journalist Mustafa Amin in 1956 in Egypt. Other countries followed Egyptian tradition and adopted this holiday.

Egyptian authorities tried to rename Mother's Day to Family Day, as government didn't want to remind people about the founder of this holiday. But these attempts failed, the Egyptians continued celebrate Mother's Day and at the same time the idea of celebration of Father's Day was born.

Mothers play major role in children upbringing in Arab countries and Uganda. Celebration of Father's Day is one more attempt to remind men, that they are also have to contribute into upbringing of their children, because every child has right for love and attention from both parents.

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