Journalist Day in Argentina Date in the current year: June 7, 2024

Journalist Day in Argentina Journalist Day is an Argentine professional holiday celebrated on June 7. It was established in 1938 to commemorate the founding of the Gazeta de Buenos Ayres in 1810.

The Gazeta de Buenos Ayres (Buenos Aires gazette) was the first newspaper created in Argentina after the 1810 May Revolution. It was established to cover the activities of the Primera Junta, the first government in post-colonial Argentine, and to provide information about the new laws and the Argentine War of Independence.

The Gazeta de Buenos Ayres was organized on June 2, 1810, and the first issue was released on June 7 that same year. The newspaper's staff originally included Mariano Moreno, Manuel Alberti, Manuel Belgrano and Juan José Castelli. The newspaper was read aloud at chapels because of the low literacy rate among the population.

Argentine Journalist Day (Día del Periodista) was established in 1938 by the First National Congress of Journalists held in the city of Córdoba. Currently there are several journalist associations in Argentina. Federación Argentina de Trabajadores de Prensa (FATPREN) is a full member of the International Federation of Journalists the world's largest federation of journalists' trade unions.

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