Labor Day in the Bahamas Date in the current year: June 1, 2018

Labor Day in the Bahamas Islanders of the Bahamas traditionally observe Labor Day on the first Friday in June. This public holiday celebrates the achievements of workers and their contribution to development of nation and society.

Labor Day is a national holiday in the Bahamas, and the date of it's celebration falls on the first Friday in June. However, the original date of Labor Day is June 7. And Friday was chosen for celebration in order to create long weekend for workers.

June 7, 1942 is an important date for the workers of the Bahamas. Workers of Nassau island began a full-scale riot, demanding higher wages. However, the strike didn't last for long time.

Celebration of Labor Day features a great parade, that goes through the streets of Nassau. Thousands of tourists are attracted by this procession, that consists of bands in colorful uniforms, African performers and members of various labor unions and political parties. The procession ends up at the Southern Recreation Grounds, where the officials deliver speeches on this occasion. The afternoon of Labor Day is the best time to relax and visit a beach.

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