Teachers' Day in Bolivia Date in the current year: June 6, 2024

Teachers' Day in Bolivia Almost every country in the world has a holiday dedicated to teachers, and Bolivia is no exception. Bolivia's Teachers' Day is celebrated on June 6 each year. It honors Modesto Omiste Tenajeros, a prominent Bolivian writer and educator.

Modesto Omiste Tenajeros was born on June 6, 1840. In 1855, he graduated from the Pichincha National College with a degree in literature. By the time he was 20 years old, he had obtained a law degree from the University of San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca.

Shortly after graduation, Omiste began working as a teacher of natural sciences at the Pichincha National College. He was an avid advocate of the right to free public primarily education. He helped create the first public schools in Bolivia and distributed free books to municipal schools.

In order to acknowledge Omiste's significant contribution to the development of Bolivian education, President Bautista Saavedra established national Teachers' Day in 1924. The holiday has been celebrated on June 6 ever since.

On Teachers' Day, Bolivian students congratulate their teachers, give them small gifts and handmade postcards, organize concerts and recitals to entertain their teachers. Schools do not close for the day.

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