President's Day in Equatorial Guinea Date in the current year: June 5, 2024

President's Day in Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea annually celebrates President's Day on June 5. This holiday was established to commemorate birthday of current President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Obiang was born on June 5, 1942. He attended Military Academy in Spain and achieved the rank of lieutenant. His uncle Francisco Macías Nguema was elected the first president of Equatorial Guinea and he gave Obiang various jobs, including governor of the island Bioko and leader of the National Guard.

Macías Nguema's presidency ended, after he had ordered the murder of several members of his family, including Obiang's brother. Obiang and Macías's inner circle were afraid, that the leader had gone insane. Obiang overthrew his uncle in a bloody revolt on August 3, 1979. Up today Obiang holds the position of the head of the state.

At the beginning Obiang's presidency was more humane, then his uncle's, but it changed for worse. Nowadays international and domestic observers see his regime as the most undemocratic, ethnocentric, oppressive and corrupt in the world.

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