Mother's Day in Samoa and Tokelau Date in the current year: May 13, 2024

Mother's Day in Samoa and Tokelau In Samoa and Tokelau, Mother's Day is an official public holiday. It is celebrated on the second Sunday in May with the following Monday taken as a non-working public holiday.

Mother's Day is a holiday that celebrates the contribution of mothers to the development of families and communities as well as to the country in general. Mothers are the anchors for their families, they play a significant role in communities. Sadly, their role can sometimes be underestimated. It is often taken for granted and fades into the background.

Mother's Day was allocated and approved by the governments of Samoa and Tokelau to remind of this role and celebrate the love and dedication of mothers. Besides, more and more women in Tokelau and Samoa manage to balance their role as mothers with academic careers, and this tendency should be encouraged and celebrated.

On Mother's Day, children give their mothers handmade cards and small gifts to show their love, gratitude, and appreciation. Families attend special church services followed by big feasts.

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